Seven Mills

Primary School

Ambitious, Compassionate
& Empowered

Behaviour and Wellbeing

We are ready, we are responsible, we are respectful!

At Seven Mills the three Rs are behind everything we do:

Our guiding principles of our Wellbeing Policy

  • All children have an equal right to an education

  • All children have individual strengths and talents, and it is our job to help them develop these talents;

  • Children flourish in positive, mutually respectful environments.

  • All children should have opportunities to take risks (questions)

  • Children learn best when they are safe and happy;

  • Children learn best when lessons are structured, well sequenced and well planned. 

  • All children, especially those with social, emotional and mental health needs, have a right to be supported with managing their behaviour

  • Parents are our partners in supporting children’s wellbeing and behaviour

Other Key Principles behind our Behaviour Policy are:

  • We promote the safety and wellbeing of children at all times and as a matter of the utmost priority. The school’s Safeguarding Policy details the responsibilities of school staff with regards to the safety and wellbeing of pupils. 

  • We are an inclusive school. All pupils are valued equally, regardless of their achievement, background or other differences. We strive to meet children’s individual needs – learning, emotional or behavioural. The school’s SEN Learning Support Policy gives detail on how the school does so. 

  • We believe that adults in school should model positive behaviour to children at all times. Our expectations of staff are set out in the Staff Handbook. 

  • We do not tolerate bullying of any kind. The school’s Anti-Bullying Policy details what bullying is, how we respond to it if it occurs, and how we are proactive in striving to prevent it occurring in the first place. 

Role of the School Council:

  • The school council contributes towards reviewing our behaviour in school and our Wellbeing Policy. 

  • The school council makes suggestions and contributes towards our acceptable use of ICT policy

  • The school council organises anti-bullying week. 

  • The school council completes our annual pupil wellbeing survey

Click on the link here to read our children's wellbeing policy.