Year 5 at Gorsefield - Day 4 - Onsite Activities

We have spent the day on site and have been doing some team building games, archery and shelter building.

Cameron's diary of Day 4:

I have enjoyed doing archery because it was the first time using a bow and arrow, I got 10, 10 and 9! We did an obstacle course, we wore a blindfold, we had to go through ropes. We bashed into leaves, we had to follow the rope, it was hard. I went under the spiders web. The dinner was great we had chicken and burgers. I love the meat!

Ayan's diary of Day 4:

The archery was very fun to play and it was really hard to get the arrow in position. I hit blue which was 7 points. There were many good archers. I did team building. We had to go from one place to another. We stood on planks and crates. If we fell off we were eaten by crocodiles. We played hide and seek it and we had to hide and then get back to the tree and you win. The food was so delicious! My room is really nice and fantastic!