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Music is led by our specialist music teacher, Laura Nash. Our vision for Music is that: 


"Learning Music is not a privilege. It is a right. Music does not belong to some. It belongs to everyone.  

Music is a unique and special subject yet it encompasses other curriculum subjects in meaningful ways.

Music is a time traveller and a global traveller.  It connects us to the past and the future. It roots us in our world and connects us with the wider world.In Music we can achieve excellence individually and together.  Through Music we can find our voice, our community and ourselves.

At Seven Mills, we want every child to have access to everything that Music offers through active, engaging, meaningful, enjoyable, challenging and above all musical learning experiences."

Alongside our weekly Music lessons in which we cover the National Curriculum, we are proud to offer each child additional Music tuition. In Year 1 and Year 2 we offer additional singing; in Year 3 and Year 4 we teach the recorder; in Year 5 we teach the ukulele and in Year 6 we teach drumming. Our curriculum map is below: 



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Early Years

My Family

Songs and Singing Games


Listening, dance and movement

Old Macdonald had a farm


Instruments and sound effects

Rawr! Rawr! Dinosaur! 


Sounds, symbols  and patterns

Musical changes

Time to save the world! 


Musical story-telling

To infinity and beyond


Musical Space Adventures

Year 1

Our Class Orchestra

Voices, bodies and instruments

Key outcome:  exploration and improvisation 


(The Nutcracker- Christmas)

Key outcome: story performance


Key outcome: performance

Garden Fun 

(Flight of the Bumblebee)

Key outcome: response 


Key outcome: composition

Ahoy there!

Key outcome: composition 

Year 2

African Call and Response

Key outcomes: improvisation; performance (singing and playing)

Fire and Ice

Key outcome: music and dance performance


(exploring pitch)

Key outcome: performance (singing and playing)

Animal Magic

(Carnival of the Animals)

Musical features and Instrumentation

Key outcome: composition (large)

Musical Machines

Key outcome:  composition

Year 3

Handing On and Passing Down

Traditional Folk Music around the World

Key outcome: presentation and performance

Y3 assembly

Caribbean Song


Composing accompaniments

Key outcome: composition and performance

Minimalism and Musical Motifs

Rhythm and melody

Key outcomes:  composition (small) and notation

Stories in Music

Magical Melodies/ Forest dream/ Night on Bare Mountain

Key outcome: composition (structure) and graphic scores

Year 4

LSO Project

Pulse, rhythm, repeated patterns

Key outcome: composition and performance 

Doctor Who Technology Project

Key outcome: composition


Pentatonic melodies

Key outcome: response/ ensemble performance

Express Yourself (LPO resources) 

Key outcome: listening and response 


Key outcome: composition

Year 5


Rhythm, chords, colour and melody 

Key outcome: composition

The Wiseman and the Star

Key outcome: vocal and instrumental performance

Incidental Music

Epic Scenes and Sagas 

Key outcome: improvisation and performance

Earth from above: Mood Music

Key outcome: response and composition

Musical Voyager

The Golden Records

Key outcomes: listening and appraisal; history of Music

LSO Project

Structure, ensemble, playing in parts, leading, conducting and performing

Key outcome: composition and ensemble performance (wider audience)

Year 6

Contemporary Connections

Anna Meredith

Women in Music

Experimental composition techniques

Key outcomes:  performance, composition


(Arabic Scales/Western Scales)

Arabic Folk Tradition; devotional Nasheed

British Isles Folk

Key outcome: Improvisation

LSO project - vocal, singing, pitch

Outcome: performance, concert attendance 

Wartime Blues

Chord Progressions

Outcome: composition (Songwriting) 

Gershwin and the City

Outcome: response and composition