A big term for Year 6

My diligent class have impressed me with their immediately focused attitude to their learning this term – and what a term it is!

Important dates include:

SATs week starting on Monday 14th May.
Our celebratory ‘end of SATs’ day at Greenwich Park on Friday 18th May.
Sailing lessons at the London Docklands Watersports Centre starting on Monday 4th June.
Our trip to Hardelot in France from Friday 22nd June to Sunday 24th June.
And preparing for our leavers celebrations!
Please watch out for letters sent home with your children containing more information about these important dates over the next few weeks.

Well done Year 6 for making such a great start to the summer term.

Year 6 – A day with the Greeks

Year 6 had a fantastic day exploring  the amazing artefacts at the British Museum. Many treasures were explored and mysteries unraveled.

One of the many highlights of our trip was finding a vase depicting Hercules performing his tasks. We had a booklet to complete about Hercules and his tasks; it was a squeeze fitting us all around the display.

Asking questions and making connections was a necessary skill we learnt- we had a great debate around who we thought the urn belonged to, helping us to develop our questioning and reasoning skills.

After a hard morning, a well deserved lunch at the park was greatly appreciated. The weather was a bonus, with no rain in sight!


Ice Skating at Canary Wharf

Year 6 had a fantastic time learning to ice skate at Canary Wharf Ice Rink. At first the children were slipping and sliding all over the place and spent a lot of time on their bottoms rather than on the ice! However, with great perseverance and courage they found their confidence. It was brilliant fun and a great break from all the hard work the children have been doing in preparation for their SATs.


Down at the Docklands week 2!

No more sunbathing this time; today we really did learn to sail! James – our instructor – drove his motor boat in a large figure of eight across the docks and the children had to follow him in their sailing boats. They really mastered this by the end of the session. Well done Year 6!

We are sailing!

Year 6 took to the docks yesterday and bravely ventured out to the horizon in a two person dinghy. This was the first of a series of five lessons in sailing at the London Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre which we feel very lucky to be taking part in. This week we learned some of the technical names for different parts of the boat – can anyone remember some of them? We also learned how to steer the boat and balance it by distributing our weight either side. What a wonderful way to spend a windy and sunny summer’s afternoon. We already can’t wait for next week!

Our very own Silk Route!

Last week we travelled back 1400 years to the days of the Silk Route. We created a large world map in the hall, added water and land passages and visited far away lands in search of exciting new goods to bring home! I was especially impressed with the children’s bartering skills as they discussed how many bottles of perfume they would be willing to exchange for an ostrich! Fun and learning were a-plenty.

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Polar bears and princesses

Snow drifts and icy landscapes have coloured the start of the Spring term in Year 6, as we have been transported to Norway in our shared Key Stage 2 text; “East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon”. The children have already made an excellent start retelling this complex story. Why not ask them to tell it to you at home?