Black History Month in Year 5

Year 5 visited the Museum of Docklands as part of their study of Black History. They used the idea of  ‘Abolition Tableware’ to make their own pottery.

Year 5's Abolition Tableware, celebrating the abolition of slavery

Year 5’s Abolition Tableware, celebrating the abolition of slavery

The children also made silhouette pictures, to represent the ill-treatment of slaves to go with our poems.

Hope for Freedom

I am playing, joyful

They are here, packed with guns, bombs and threat.

Petrified, terrified, chains caged me,

Lost, imprisoned, confined and panicked,

Nowhere to go, no food, no water,

Just slaves!

Cries and tears fill my mind,

Helpless and exhausted, we arrived

Like hell, no privacy, captivity,

Cries and screams.


Finally, hope has come,


Alive and free,

Smiles fill me up,

I am free!

by Tasnim






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