Year 4 go chocolate crazy!

Inspired by their reading of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Year 4 invented their own chocolate. Year 4 worked in groups to create a new chocolate product. First, they conducted market research around the school. Then they carried out their tasting before deciding on the ingredients their group would use. Each group had a strict budget they had to stick to. They also decided on a price for their product before working out how much profit they would made. Next they designed and made packaging for their chocolate before making their different chocolate bars. Finally, the best bit – tasting the final product! Everyone thought their chocolate was delicious.

Year 4 visit Leeds Castle

Having had to reschedule their trip because of the snowy weather, when Year 4 finally made it to Leeds Castle they were sure it was worth the wait. Year 4 had a great time exploring the castle and looking for evidence of its Tudor owners before heading outside to attempt the tricky maze and scary grotto. They also had a look at many different types of birds of prey, similar to the ones Henry the VIII would have hunted with before ending the day in the playground.