Escape from Pompeii

We have been learning about Mount Vesuvius which is a volcano in Pompeii, Italy. Vesuvius last erupted in 1944 but it is probably most famous for its eruption during the Roman times in AD 79 which destroyed the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Tower Bridge

Year 3 visited one of London’s most famous bridge, Tower Bridge!


We were inspired by this magnificent pieces of engineering. We made our own Tower Bridge models, using pulleys to help the leaf of the bridge to open and close.






Here Be Dragons!

This term we have been learning about dragons. We designed our own dragon eggs by mixing inks with water in order to create patterns on our eggs. They looked fantastic!

We have also been creating drawings of our own dragons. Look at our striking artwork on dragon eyes and heads!


We became Dragonologists (people who study dragons) and we created journals containing our observations of dragons that we sighted. We included information such as where they were from, their appearance and their preferred food. Aren’t our front covers just fabulous?



Kassim and the fire-breathing dragon – Read our warning story about Kassim who  wanders into a gloomy dark cave where he encounters a dangerous creature.

We met a real life dragon but this one didn’t breathe fire! He was a bearded dragon called Tank. We really enjoyed have him visit us and learning about where he comes from.



All we learned about dragons is now on our ‘Here Be Dragons’ display in year 3. Come and take a look!

Apollo5 Project

No, it’s not a new space mission. Year 3 have been raising the roof with their singing! This term we have been involved in a project with the fantastic, young vocal group, Apollo5. We’ve learnt new songs and vocal techniques leading to an awe-inspiring concert in which we sang alongside the group. We were amazed and inspired by the way they could use their voices like instruments and we were pretty good too.



We’ve learnt lots about the Stone Age when early humans used tools and weapons made out of stones. We got a taste of Stone Age food and created lovely cave art.

Mind the rabbit holes!

Year 3 are in full swing of their eagerly anticipated trip to Gorsefield this half term. The ‘Brave Badgers’ and ‘Fantastic Foxes’ have had a superb time during their first of three sessions of forest schools and have taken to the learning outdoors, surrounded by the magnificent towering trees at Gorsefield. We luckily managed to dodge the rabbit holes and stinging nettles, staying nice and dry under the canopy of the camp. Have a look at what we’ve been up to so far.

Read our wonderful Gorsefield newsletters from week 1 of forest school by clicking the link below;

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