Year 2 are gymnastic fanatics!

Year 2 were lucky enough to have professional gymnastic coaches from Baddu Sports teach us all sorts of fantastic moves. Check out our pictures.

Nature’s Favourite Colour


Year 2 went to Canary Wharf Roof Garden to make sketches of different plants in Nature’s favourite colour – green!   It was a very cold day so we even warmed our fingers up on the piano. What a lovely tune! We used our sketches to make collages about plants when we got back to school. Look at our finished work!  We plan to go back on a lovely summer’s day.  Watch this space…


Year 2 visit to The Museum of London

In October we were lucky enough to visit The Museum of London, which had a great display about The Fire of London. We saw artefacts from 1666 and watched a film all about The Great Fire of London.  After our delicious lunch we had enough time for a quick game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Then we sketched some artefacts from 1666 carefully in our books. Finally we visited the shop to buy a little souvenir of our visit. Everyone had a great day. We can’t wait until our next trip!

Museum of London Viist

Making bread from 1666

Year 2 made bread using Thomas Farrynor’s secret recipe from 1666.   We were fortunate enough to use the oven at Seven Mills to bake our bread, so didn’t have to go down to Pudding Lane!   It was yummy, scrumptious and totally delectable!


Year 2 celebrate Eid

Year 2 had a wonderful time at their Eid party. There were games, delicious food and even a dance competition. They looked fabulous in their own clothes too.  A good time was had by all!

Year 2 enjoy a day at Crystal Palace Park

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Crystal Palace Park. We had fun in the playground, especially in the sandpit, where we uncovered dinosaur fossils! A tasty lunch was followed by a relaxing stroll around the lake, where we saw enormous stone statues of dinosaurs. Some of them looked so scary that we were quite relieved they were not real! After that we cooled off with delicious ice-creams – just the thing on a hot summer’s day. We played a little more until it was time to return to school. We were all exhausted, but very happy. What a great place for our end of year trip.












Animal Man Visits Year 2

On 3rd of May Year 2 were lucky enough to get a visit from The Animal Man.  He brought with him exotic creatures from around the globe, mostly nocturnal – to link with our Starry Night topic.

We saw a baby boa constrictor named Mo that was actually quite long!  We also saw a large, hairy Chilean Rose Tarantula named Tallulah, which Ruby and Kim held expertly.  There was an African Mountain Snail, a White Faced Owl, a Herman’s Tortoise named Minton and a  meerkat called Mischief.  We learnt a lot about these animals, where they live and what they eat.  We were fascinated to discover that skunks are very gentle animals, especially Humbug, the sleepy skunk who came to visit us.

Year 2 celebrate World Book Day

Year 2 dressed up for World Book Day.

They enjoyed listening to a story on their visit to Waterstones.

They also made mini books – authors of the future….