Handa’s Surprise!

In October, children in the Nursery celebrated Black History month by reading the story Handa’s Surprise.

I wonder if you can name some of these fruits?

During our daily counting, children enjoyed counting, ordering the size, and weighing some of the fruits.  We played shop and introduced play money to Nursery.  Children enthusiastically exchanged their goods and played on the till acting out the role of customer and shop keeper. The children tasted some of the fruits.  We discussed what they thought of the mango. Most of the children loved it saying it was “sweet and tasty”.  Another said “it’s not for me!”

Here are some children in the African village we created in our classroom.  We had African instruments and animals to play with and the fruits to play too. Children worked together playing instruments and worked on rhythm and beat.

Here is the start of our display with some of the children’s fruits baskets they painted.  Using a still life display, children had a go at painting the fruits in the basket.

Children enjoyed creating the background for this display and also trace around a child to create the character of Handa.


During story time, children loved learning the names of the different fruits and animals from the story. Children used many copies of the story to retell it to their friends. Some acted out the roles pretending to be Handa and her friend Akeyo.  Lots of the children said it was their favourite story.

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