Diwali – The Festival of Light

At the end of October, we invited two parents to come in and share their Diwali traditions with us in the Nursery.

Diwali was on Sunday 30th October 2016.  Traditionally, Hindu’s light candles and decorate the entrance of the homes with Rangoli patterns.

Children joined the parents in the Nursery garden to draw flowers in chalk and a lamp just outside our door.


They showed us how to lay flower petals on the chalk drawing.

We used lots of beautiful bright flowers.



Children loved getting involved.



The children felt inspired and used the chalks to cover the Nursery play ground with their own Diwali patterns.




All of the adults had a go.

dscf1890 dscf1891

Some KS2 children came over to help out too!

Mr Hirst came over to join in and helped write some Bengali greetings saying “Happy Diwali”.




Traditionally, Hindu’s share sweet and savory snacks with their friends and family during the festival.  We had homemade Indian snacks which the children enjoyed tasting.  We made a special festival table in our entrance to display candles, new clothes, fire works and books.  In the creative area, children made fireworks from toilet-roll holders and colourful pictures using paint and glitter.


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