How Does Your Garden Grown?

As part of ‘Understanding of the World,’ children were able to learn how to look after plants. During the Spring Term, children helped to ready the garden for planting.  We used our gardening tools and learned how to pull weeds,  dig out old plants using spades and level out the ground using a rake. All children got involved and we spend a few weeks pruning roses and cutting branches.

Thank you to the Parents and Friends Association who raised money and bought us new plants. Two parent helpers came in and helped the Nursery children plant some very beautiful new plants and trees.


Pretty flowers ready for planting!


Getting ready for planting seeds.



Preparing the Nursery garden ready for planting.

DSCF5603DSCF5613 DSCF5606 DSCF5607 DSCF5605 DSCF5622 DSCF5630

Here we are on our visit to Canada Square Roof Garden. We took a walk to see what plants we could see. We found lots of interesting trees to look at and talk about.

 DSCF5635 DSCF5557

We made flowers from Stickle bricks.

We grew our own cress and made cress sandwiches for snack.

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