Sharing food. Sharing culture.

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.”  Irish proverb.

That was certainly the case today, when some young chefs from Years 3 and 4 turned their hands to salad-making.

They worked with some of our parents to make different salads – Caribbean-style, Bangladeshi-style and Italian-style.  There was lots of talk, lots of smiling and lots of hard work as the adults guided the children through the steps to make their recipe.


And how delicious the results were!


Caribbean Green Fig Salad

Bangladeshi-style salad and fresh mango chutney

Italian salad, in the colours of the Italian flag!


Back in class, the lucky children and teachers in Years 3 and 4 were able to try some.  There were lots of clean plates at the end!



Many thanks to our fantastic adults, who worked so brilliantly with the children, sharing their recipes, their languages and their culture with them and with each other.

We will be creating a Seven Mills recipe book, so look out for that.  The next chapter will be ‘Doughs and Breads’:

Fresh pasta, Soi Fita or Caribbean dumplings, anyone?

Snappy Opera Success!!

Congratulations to our Year 5 opera stars!

On 27th March, the highly anticipated performance of “The World’s Beating Heart”, took place in front of an enthusiastic (and very proud) audience of family and friends.

“The World’s Beating Heart” was created by our Y5 children in collaboration with composer and librettist Gwyneth Herbert;  their amazing and imaginative ideas led to the craziest and most colourful of costumes.  Cross a monkey with an eagle, and what do you get?  An awful lot of pom poms!! Miss Rosborough, Victoria and the Year Fives should know as they made over 200 of them for the Bandomeagles costumes alone!

The performance formed part of a medley of five Snappy Operas, performed by children in schools across Tower Hamlets, and made a truly spectacular end to a fantastic project.

Here are Year 5 in their final rehearsal before the big day:

The final performance was fantastic.  Year Five saved their best till last, singing, acting and dancing to a really high standard and with wonderful energy and committment. We are so proud of them.

Thank you to Mahogany Opera for a really great experience.

Pom pom, anyone?

Cycling in Year 5

It’s all go in year 5 with all the children learning to cycle.

Tower Hamlets have provided cycle training to all our Year 5 children. This is to improve the safety of children riding bikes in the borough. The children are being taught how to handle their bikes safely and to obey the rules of the road. It has also been a lot of fun too!

The children have also received their own cycle helmet, free of charge.

The photos show the children at the beginning, ready to start their lessons.

School Council visit to KPMG

To celebrate World Book Day (and show off our reading skills!) Seven Mills Primary School Council visited KPMG. The children each shared the book they are currently reading with an employee from KPMG. After that, they enjoyed a tour around the whole building and took part in a KPMG quiz. It looks like an incredible place to work!

Exclusive Viewing at Genesis Cinema

Seven Mills were lucky enough to have a private viewing of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ courtesy of the charity Film Intr.

14 very lucky readers from year 3 to 5 ( Year 6 had a pre- booked ice skating session) were fortunate enough to be ‘chauffeured’ on the mini- bus to Mile End; a rare treat for an AR trip.

They munched into some of their favourite snacks while enjoying the movie. It was amazing to have the place to ourselves.

On our return they shared their thoughts about the movie. All but one, loved the characters and the different settings in the movie. Many agreed  it was similar to the original book but preferred the movie.

Come in and have a look at the book we made about this wonderful day.

Mamma Mia! Y5 Recorders are a hit!

Earlier this term, six children from Y5 joined the Tower Hamlets Recorder Big Band for a rehearsal day.

They joined other Tower Hamlets schools to practise for a special concert in July in which the band is going to play well-known hits such as Walking on Sunshine, I’m a Believer and, our favourite, Mamma Mia.

Our children rose brilliantly to the challenge, and were particularly complimented on their playing of Mamma Mia, of course!

A big well done to everyone involved.  We can’t wait to hear them in concert, in July.

Dual Language Story Time

Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 enjoyed stories in home languages today, thanks to our great team of story-telling parents.

Here are the parent volunteers, ready to go!

And here they are at story time:

We enjoyed stories in Bengali, Somali, French and English today.

Many thanks to our super story-telling parents!


Recorder Big Band Pieces

MP3 recordings to help our Y5 recorder group to learn their pieces for a Recorder Big Band Rehearsal


I’m a believer (Recorder Only)

I’m a believer (with voice)

Mama Mia

Walking on sunshine

Christmas Countdown in the Infants

Why is there tinsel in Reception?

Why is there hay on the stage?

Who put a stable in the hall?

Where are these two travelling to?

Why are there so many twinkly stars in Nursery?

And why is there so much singing going on?

It must be Christmas!

You can count on the Early Years and Infants for a magical Christmas Nativity.

Christmas Counts! Tuesday 13th December at 2pm.