Sharing food. Sharing culture.

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.”  Irish proverb.

That was certainly the case today, when some young chefs from Years 3 and 4 turned their hands to salad-making.

They worked with some of our parents to make different salads – Caribbean-style, Bangladeshi-style and Italian-style.  There was lots of talk, lots of smiling and lots of hard work as the adults guided the children through the steps to make their recipe.


And how delicious the results were!


Caribbean Green Fig Salad

Bangladeshi-style salad and fresh mango chutney

Italian salad, in the colours of the Italian flag!


Back in class, the lucky children and teachers in Years 3 and 4 were able to try some.  There were lots of clean plates at the end!



Many thanks to our fantastic adults, who worked so brilliantly with the children, sharing their recipes, their languages and their culture with them and with each other.

We will be creating a Seven Mills recipe book, so look out for that.  The next chapter will be ‘Doughs and Breads’:

Fresh pasta, Soi Fita or Caribbean dumplings, anyone?