Snappy Opera Success!!

Congratulations to our Year 5 opera stars!

On 27th March, the highly anticipated performance of “The World’s Beating Heart”, took place in front of an enthusiastic (and very proud) audience of family and friends.

“The World’s Beating Heart” was created by our Y5 children in collaboration with composer and librettist Gwyneth Herbert;  their amazing and imaginative ideas led to the craziest and most colourful of costumes.  Cross a monkey with an eagle, and what do you get?  An awful lot of pom poms!! Miss Rosborough, Victoria and the Year Fives should know as they made over 200 of them for the Bandomeagles costumes alone!

The performance formed part of a medley of five Snappy Operas, performed by children in schools across Tower Hamlets, and made a truly spectacular end to a fantastic project.

Here are Year 5 in their final rehearsal before the big day:

The final performance was fantastic.  Year Five saved their best till last, singing, acting and dancing to a really high standard and with wonderful energy and committment. We are so proud of them.

Thank you to Mahogany Opera for a really great experience.

Pom pom, anyone?

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