Christmas Countdown in the Infants

Why is there tinsel in Reception?

Why is there hay on the stage?

Who put a stable in the hall?

Where are these two travelling to?

Why are there so many twinkly stars in Nursery?

And why is there so much singing going on?

It must be Christmas!

You can count on the Early Years and Infants for a magical Christmas Nativity.

Christmas Counts! Tuesday 13th December at 2pm.

Unidentified Christmas Objects


What on earth is happening at Seven Mills?


Items that are out of this world have been popping up at Breakfast Club, and in the Juniors…


…in the hall and on the stage…


…and strange creatures have been tiptoeing about.


The Juniors are involved in a mission, and it’s Top Secret!


But not for long…

Watch this space, and come to the KS2 Christmas Show next Thursday 15th December at 2.00.

You won’t want to miss it. It really will be Out of This World!!!

Ice Age Collision Course – Reader Leaders premier day out

Six very lucky readers in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6  were selected to attend an exclusive day out for exceptional reading both at home and at school. All  readers had not only been reading but had completed AR quizzes online.

This trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all,  including the adults (see below) who could easily be upcoming actors!!! Next stop the Oscars.

The winners were photographed in their own personal sets,  do you know the name of the upcoming  film?


img_0541 img_0536 img_0537 img_0544 img_0548

The Nutcracker Ballet – a magical Christmas treat.

Last Wednesday, Year 6 were fortunate to visit the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to watch the exquisite Nutcracker Ballet.

Having read the story prior to the show, it was magical to see it come alive on the stage and performed by some of the best dancers in the world.

We were all besides ourselves with excitement, however the children behaved beautifully and with the correct mood of respect towards a performance which cultivated a mood of such awe and wonder.

It was an experience I am sure we will all remember for years to come. Well done Year 6!

A summary of the story

Learning the technical ballet language!

Learning the technical ballet language!

The sugar plum fairy in all her finery.

The sugar plum fairy in all her finery.