Budding author enters BBC 500 Words Competition

Congratulations to Chloe, who recently entered a story in this years BBC 500 Words writing competition. Her story was inspired by a class text, ‘East of the Moon, West of the Sun,’. Here is her opening sentence – see what you think:

Greed, Wealth and a Curse

In a world far, far away, where the trees are purple and the luscious, green grass is covered in pretty pink blossom petals and the wind barely breathes, a handsome prince, who loved to adventure in the beautiful world that was upon him, has a weird but wonderful story to tell.

There were more than 240,000 entrants and on this occasion, Chloe didn’t make the final. However, we will be looking out for her writing in the future!

One comment on “Budding author enters BBC 500 Words Competition

  • Miss Letts says:

    Chloe, you are my first student to have made me cry with a piece of writing! Such beautiful use of language.


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